Date: 14 August 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Technology Will Help Us Reimagine the Workplace

In just a few short months, companies around the globe have risen to the challenge of moving thousands of employees to remote operations - shifting their IT strategy and implementing new tools to ensure safe distancing from home. But with more remote work on the horizon and a fundamental transition in how we see the workplace in general already starting to happen, what does the future hold? 

A hybrid work environment that supports employees who work both at home and in the office is already..

Date: 18 March 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Best Practices When Shifting to Remote Work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here, and it means unprecedented disruption to our way of life. Schools are closed, Main Street businesses are shuttered, and millions of workers are juggling the process of remote work.

Small and medium-sized enterprise organizations are scrambling to implement the software, procedures, and policies needed to enable their workers to stay productive (as much as possible) from home. The result has been a series of unprecedented growing pains as the western world’s..