Date: 25 November 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Are Your IT Projects Aligned to Critical Business Strategies?

The key to success in modern organizations is the careful alignment of information technology investments and projects to critical business strategies. To achieve the full potential in increased revenue and productivity you must lead with a thoughtful plan and outstanding execution. Is your organization positioned to understand which projects may contribute most to your success, to maximize profits and the bottom-line? 

If your IT department is pointing fingers at each other instead of..

Date: 28 October 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Cloud Networking Prepares Your Organization for the Future

2020 has provided an important reminder that you can never be too prepared. As millions of employees shifted to remote work and many companies have fundamentally restructured their operations as a result, it’s more important than ever to have a cloud networking strategy that is forward thinking.

The financial impact is real, though, with 74% of CFOs in technology companies saying that cloud computing has had a measurable impact on their organizations, and 66% of executives across industries..

Date: 16 October 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How to Improve Password Security for Your Organization

No one likes passwords. They are difficult to remember, must be updated frequently to remain effective, and can be compromised across multiple accounts if there is a breach. But passwords aren’t just a headache for employees. They can have a significant impact on productivity in organizations that must field IT help desks for password resets and absorb hours of lost productivity when someone is locked out of their accounts. In fact, nearly 20% of employees report lost productivity due to being..

Date: 02 October 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Is Office Consolidation the Right Step for Your Organization?

Over the course of the last 200 days, the country has fundamentally changed in many ways. COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we socialize, how our children learn, and most of all, how we work. About 56% of jobs in the US workforce are compatible with remote work. Many of them opted for it as far back as March and most have remained that way through the summer and into the fall.

Before COVID-19, only 3.6% of the workforce worked at home half-time or more, despite 43% doing it at least..

Date: 21 September 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How WAN Modernization Helps to Optimize Network Performance

Technology is no longer just a tool with which to get things done. It is the backbone of the modern enterprise, and that backbone relies on stable connectivity that supports daily operations. Unfortunately, not all enterprises have made the transition. Many still rely on traditional or hybrid networks that utilize an ad-hoc approach to connectivity, only implementing new end-points when a specific project demands it, and not accounting for the diverse needs of today’s operations, especially in..

Date: 31 August 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Overcoming the Barriers to Cloud Networking Implementation

This year has been a wakeup call for many organizations - a reminder that their systems cannot be just good enough because the bar can move at any time. For this reason, many organizations are rethinking their networking strategy. The need for a more robust and ultimately resilient system that can stand up to the demands of a partially or potentially fully remote workforce is more apparent than ever.

Many companies have already started the process of exploring the cloud for elements of their..

Date: 14 August 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Technology Will Help Us Reimagine the Workplace

In just a few short months, companies around the globe have risen to the challenge of moving thousands of employees to remote operations - shifting their IT strategy and implementing new tools to ensure safe distancing from home. But with more remote work on the horizon and a fundamental transition in how we see the workplace in general already starting to happen, what does the future hold? 

A hybrid work environment that supports employees who work both at home and in the office is already..

Date: 30 July 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Five Reasons to Consider WAN Modernization for Your Organization

WAN modernization through the implementation of SD-WAN technology offers a number of significant benefits to organizations that are spread across a large geographic area and want to reduce cost, improve bandwidth, and support the user experience. 

We recently looked at what WAN modernization does and why it matters for modern enterprise organizations. Let’s take a closer look now at five reasons you should consider an update, especially in the current climate. 


Security and Automation of..


Date: 17 July 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

The Great Collaboration Strategy Between Banks and FinTechs

With Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft (GAFAM) taking away customer mindshare from banks and FinTechs, the only viable option is for these former competitors to put aside their differences and form strategic partnerships.

The term coopetition is used in business and technology circles to describe a scenario where two companies that usually compete against one another work together. An example is when Apple (finally) made iTunes for Windows devices. The company realized that the..


Date: 09 July 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

DevOps Demand, the IT Talent Gap and Your Company's Options

Despite record unemployment and a recession, many economists and analysts believe we’re on the edge of the biggest skills shortage in U.S. history for specific roles, especially in IT.

The tech industry is feeling the skills gap the most, and the search for DevOps is near the top of the list.

What does DevOps mean?

DevOps is a combination of software development and information technology operations practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of software developers and IT..