Date: 28 October 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Cloud Networking Prepares Your Organization for the Future

2020 has provided an important reminder that you can never be too prepared. As millions of employees shifted to remote work and many companies have fundamentally restructured their operations as a result, it’s more important than ever to have a cloud networking strategy that is forward thinking.

The financial impact is real, though, with 74% of CFOs in technology companies saying that cloud computing has had a measurable impact on their organizations, and 66% of executives across industries..

Date: 31 August 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Overcoming the Barriers to Cloud Networking Implementation

This year has been a wakeup call for many organizations - a reminder that their systems cannot be just good enough because the bar can move at any time. For this reason, many organizations are rethinking their networking strategy. The need for a more robust and ultimately resilient system that can stand up to the demands of a partially or potentially fully remote workforce is more apparent than ever.

Many companies have already started the process of exploring the cloud for elements of their..

Date: 14 August 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Technology Will Help Us Reimagine the Workplace

In just a few short months, companies around the globe have risen to the challenge of moving thousands of employees to remote operations - shifting their IT strategy and implementing new tools to ensure safe distancing from home. But with more remote work on the horizon and a fundamental transition in how we see the workplace in general already starting to happen, what does the future hold? 

A hybrid work environment that supports employees who work both at home and in the office is already..

Date: 22 April 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Three Benefits of Cloud Networking for Large Organizations

More than ever, businesses are looking for cost-effective and reliable ways to keep their distributed workforce connected. Whether working at home or in offices around the globe, traditional WAN paired with VPN just isn’t cutting it anymore. Cloud networking helps to overcome the most common issues related to accessibility, IT support requirements, and bandwidth, and it’s fast to install.

Let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest benefits offered by cloud networking when improving the..

Date: 15 April 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

The Importance of Setup Flexibility with Cloud Networking

One of the primary benefits of WAN modernization is that it not only enables the utilization of newer technologies, but it can also incorporate existing connection types. Your infrastructure can seamlessly support MPLS, wireless LTE and broadband in the same virtualized network, ensuring optimal use of bandwidth whenever possible.

This is a vital component because not all organizations want to move fully to the cloud. Flexibility allows for more specific security protocols and the ability to..

Date: 09 April 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

The Impact of Cloud Networking on SMEs

One of the biggest impediments to a remote work model is the existing infrastructure most small and medium-sized enterprises currently run. Existing networks are notoriously difficult to stand up for new locations, let alone access via VPN at scale by thousands of employees suddenly working from home WiFi networks.

Cloud networking addresses this by shifting away from traditional physical infrastructure, allowing the standup of dozens of APs in minutes, not weeks. From an operations..

Date: 02 April 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

How to Manage Network Security During a Crisis


A sudden, unexpected disaster or crisis can lead to situations for which your IT team isn’t prepared. 

Remote work presents particular challenges to your InfoSec team to protect vital company information and prevent potential cybersecurity threats, both now and when all those devices come back to the network. 

Let’s take a closer look at the steps you should be taking to mitigate this risk and prepare for the eventual reunification of your workforce with the organization’s network. 



Date: 18 March 2020

Author: Nicole Brinson

Best Practices When Shifting to Remote Work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here, and it means unprecedented disruption to our way of life. Schools are closed, Main Street businesses are shuttered, and millions of workers are juggling the process of remote work.

Small and medium-sized enterprise organizations are scrambling to implement the software, procedures, and policies needed to enable their workers to stay productive (as much as possible) from home. The result has been a series of unprecedented growing pains as the western world’s..