Date: 29 November 2016

Author: Nicole Brinson

Healthcare Companies Turning to Managed Service Providers for Consistency in IT

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve on an almost daily basis, many hospitals and healthcare organizations have found that enlisting the assistance of a healthcare managed services provider (MSP) is an ideal way to address some of the challenges they face while working to provide exceptional care. IoT, collaboration and growing security threats are just a few of the daily challenges a healthcare provider faces. 

There are serveral compelling reasons for enlisting a healthcare MSP,..

Date: 16 November 2016

Author: Matt Bynum

The Times, They are a Automatin'


In Remembrance of the “Good Old Days”

Do you remember how much less complicated IT used to be?  Don’t get me wrong, being in IT has always been challenging.  There’s always been enormous pressure on IT from the business, mostly because there has been this pervasive struggle to leverage IT to create an advantage against competition. Therefore, in lieu of strategic value, IT has sometimes been relegated to the category of “cost center”.  Some of you may even be in IT departments that report up..

Date: 31 October 2016

Author: Nicole Brinson

Healthcare: Meet Digital Disruption

Clinical-grade cloud + mobile technologiesWhat’s in your healthcare equation?

Control your own medical records and get seamless, immediate access to doctors and specialists whenever you need them.

Customer service expectations are higher than ever, and patients are ultimately customers. They expect the same levels of service at the doctor’s office or hospital that they are accustomed to from other businesses, and that includes digital services accessible through their mobile devices...

Date: 26 October 2016

Author: Nicole Brinson

Here's One Strategy for Thwarting Denial of Service Cyberattacks

Companies can reduce the risk from the type of cyberattack that took out major websites on Friday by using multiple vendors for the critical Internet service known as a domain name service, or DNS, companies and security experts said on Sunday.

“We have advocated for years for redundancy in your infrastructure,” said Kyle York, chief strategy officer for Dyn, the New Hampshire DNS provider that was attacked on Friday. “I don’t think you can ever be safe enough or redundant enough.”


Date: 24 October 2016

Author: Nicole Brinson

How Your Baby Monitor, Smart Thermostat and Tablet Helped Hackers Bring Down the Internet.

On Friday, October 21, a massive cyberattack affected many users of popular websites like Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, Spotify and Airbnb, among others. Dyn, a company that manages website domains and routes internet traffic, experienced two distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its DNS servers, beginning at 7am on Friday. A DDoS attack is an attempt to flood a website with so much traffic that it collapses under the load. Think the volume of a fire hydrant rushing through a garden hose.


Date: 22 October 2016

Author: Nicole Brinson

Could Mr. Robot Hack Your Vote?

There are only 18 days left until (hopefully) everyone heads to their neighborhood polling locations to vote for the next U.S. President, a few Senators, their U.S. Representatives and a slew of state and local offices. A large majority of us will vote the old-fashioned way, with some version of a paper ballot, either with a pen checking boxes or a machine punching holes. A handful will vote with a voting computer that will also produce a verifiable paper receipt. Fewer people still will use..

Date: 13 October 2016

Author: cwilkinson

Don't Jump! How to Handle a Ransomware Attack


Ransomware is obviously analogous to kidnapping, and dealing with the perpetrators can feel much like negotiating with a jumper standing on the edge of high-rise roof. The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology recently released a report that in part describes how to deal with criminals when they are holding your data hostage. The report talks of what to do once a breach has been found.

ICIT says the proper response will depend on the risk tolerance of the..


Date: 19 February 2015

Author: cwilkinson

FireEye: A Full Solution

by Todd Plambeck, VP of Technology at Bedroc

I recently attended a Lunch & Learn with our regional FireEye Team. My goal of attending the meeting was to understand the integration capabilities of the FireEye Solution and how the Mandiant Endpoint Software (now HX) features are progressing. Bedroc has been a FireEye Partner for approximately eighteen months and was recognized at FireEye’s Momentum 2015 Conference for putting together one of their largest deals of 2014.

The training started with..


Date: 20 January 2015

Author: cwilkinson

Press Release: Bedroc Acquires IT Security and Consulting Partner, OneSource Computing, Inc.

NASHVILLE, January 19, 2014/Bedroc/- Franklin, Tennessee based IT solutions provider, Bedroc, has acquired another local, rapidly growing provider, OneSource Computing, Inc. The acquisition took place early January, 2015 and puts Bedroc in the position to begin the New Year with extra momentum. Bedroc recently earned a spot on CRN’s Fast Growth 150 of 2014 list with approximately $35 million in revenue. "One of our biggest challenges has been keeping up with our customers' demand for..
Date: 17 October 2014

Author: cwilkinson

Job Posting - Solution Engineer

What you will be doing:

A Solution Engineer is a mid to senior-level technical position with proven expertise inside a specific technology (or multiple technologies). The individual is accountable for the full scope of a service endeavor – from evaluating business needs to implementing a cost effective solution. This position requires an integral role for on-site engagements and project based work, the individual will work closely with customers and project managers alike.

  • Solution Sales –..